Trophy Room

Gaston Gonzalez took this buck during the 2010 season in Webb County, Texas.  He saw this buck in the 08 and 09 season but didn't get a shot.  During the 2010 season he spotted him about 800yrds down the highline moving west, there is a large pond in the direction he was headed so he grabbed his gear and booked it to beat him to the pond. Sure enough, he came out at about 15 yards.  Thats the end of the story for him. 

Eric Welsh took this buck in southern Arizona in December. He shot him at 53 yards and he expired only 20 yards away.  He caught the whole thing on film. It was the middle of the rut and he had been chasing big bucks all week.
Check Erik Welsh out at his website,


Luke Skinner took this nice buck in Iowa on November 21. He got it all on tape. This is his best buck to date and he's looking forward to putting many more bucks on tape.   You can check out his upcoming hunt on Dream Chasers Facebook page.


Nick DiFilippo took this deer in Central Illinois on Nov 6th at 7:15 am, not long after another hunter walked in on him.The hunt can be seen this coming summer on the Sportsman Channel ,Tim Rollers Wild addiction or on last season of Midwest IL show.

Check out this buck taken by Ben Cotton's buddy in 2009.  Ben was along for the filming.
The buck measured 184.

Dale McILveen took this buck in  2009.  His son picutred with him had turned 5 years old two weeks prior and Dale promised him he would take him hunting, he didn't think he would be able to stay quite enough to get a shot with a bow, but it turns out that when they arrived at his hunting spot, they walked over the first hill about a 100 yards from the truck there was two standing there at about 40 yards.  Dale didn't have to think twice before the shot, he ran about 20 yards and fell.  Check out Dale McIlveen's web site
 Successful Bow Hunting


Ward Anderson and his dad are pictured with this bull in the backcountry of Montana. He is a nice 336 bull taken from a herd of about 7500 elk in 1988. He actually was the biggest bull of all those elk.  
Check out Ward at Antelope Outfitters on the web.


Check out this Whitetail Buck taken by Brian in Georgia.  Congratulations Brian, that's a nice one!


Here is a buck taken by Clifford Martin in Kentucky  He had over 500 trail cam pics of this buck over the last 3 years, but never layed eyes on him during hunting season.  The last Saturday in September 2010 this buck met his match.  A north wind blew in and it really cooled down.  Clifford got on the stand and had sat there for about an hour and out walks this big nine!!  After three years this big boy finally made a mistake. He didn't get closer then 60 yards ,so Clifford took the shot and this buck was down in a few minutes. This buck scored 152 and was shot with a limbsaver bow, rage broadheads, victory arrows, and big game treestand. Clifford also self filmed himself shooting this buck, and you can watch the whole hunt on the new Team Harvest dvd being released in August 2011.


Here is a Texas monster buck photo taken from a game cam.  The sheds from this buck last year scored more than 240 Boone and Crocket.

Now that's a big Texas Whitetail Monster Buck

Check out this monster whitetail buck photo.  This buck was taken by Kevin in Kentucky.  Kevin's first encounter with this buck was on a trail cam photo a few months earlier in late summer.  He new this was the buck for him.  He hunted hard and it finally paid off at 3:30 on November 19th.  The buck had a green score of 172.  Congratulations Kevin.