Sunday, January 29, 2012

New Lease for the 2011 Season

Found a new lease for the 2011 deer season in the heart of South Texas, Duval County.  This piece of property had not been hunted in a few years so we had some work to do to get the deer traveling through the property.  We started feeding corn the first week of September for the upcoming bow season in October.  We set trail cams at the feeders and found we were covered up in hogs and javelina.

It was mid October before we caught our first deer on the trail cam.  As the season progressed we started seeing more and more.  The disappointing thing was most were does or small bucks.  The rut usually starts around the first or second week in December this far south.  You could almost tell from the trail cam pictures the day it started because the big bucks were out in full force. We caught this one on the camera on December 16.

Unfortunately, with Christmas approaching and family commitments, we weren't able to hunt during the best two weeks of the season.  Next year we won't miss it.  My oldest son shot a javelina early in the season.

My youngest son took a nice 9 pointer the first week in January.